Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ben Hill by Doug Inglish in Free Ride - GQ China


Friday, April 2, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Spring/Summer 2010 NYFW

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Travel in Style

WHY Wally-Hermès Yachts is the new company created by french luxury brand
Hermès and monaco based yacht maker Wally, dedicated to a new lifestyle of living
on the sea.

designing a boat with a new concept is not an utopia.
at every turn the yacht offers maximum space, durability and cutting-edge technologies.
the exchange with Wally and Hermès was rooted deeply in terms of know how and sharing
the same philosophy of this new concept.

Hermès was involved in every step of the process from concept to realization, considering
both the outside and inside were just one of the many things. as always just like with all
their designs they paid special attention to detail, developing the overall architecture
of the vessel evaluating issues of speed and spaciousness.

 The boat is contained in a triangular hull measuring 58m x 38m. there is no superstructure.
the initial idea of this hull was confirmed by the ramform hull which they discovered,
redesigned and adapted to fit the concept of the wheel house that emerges from the silhouette
of the ship. the interior of the yacht is fitted out with water resistant buffalo leather using
the calpinage technique.

the yacht which took years in the making has been tested in gotebourg, sweden,
in a specialised tank testing facility, to see how it would perform in big seas.
the outcome is that, in full swell, the bow moves a tiny bit and the stern stays
completely still. anchored, the boat creates a totally flat surface behind it, like an
olympic-size pool where you can swim in total peace. on the bow, there’s a seawater
pool 25 metres long that follows the curve of the bow.

the environmental and ecological advantages are a strong point of the boat WHY.
different sources of energy are managed by a central computer.

the yacht is powered using a diesel electric engine. a surface of the photovolatic
panels which measure approximately 900 square meters provide the solar electricity
generated which covers part of what is needed to subsist the boat.

an encounter,
... the concept was developed by president and CEO of Wally luca bassani antivari,
artistic director of Hermès, pierre-alexis dumas and design director of Hermès
gabriele pezzini.

a special WHY team has been built to reply to any needs.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Levi´s New Collection

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cheap Monday ‘Clairvoyant’ Sunglasses Collection

Cheap Monday has become the new standard in denim, and with the release of its Clairvoyant collection of sunglasses, it’s looking to corner the eyewear market too. With last year’s collection selling out in just days, this year’s unisex collection hit stores this past weekend, and there’s something here for everyone, with options in flat black, ultra-modern neon colors, and classic tortoiseshell.
From the ultra-classic Round Glasses to the very chic Night Planner, there’s something here for everyone looking to keep the sun out this season. Best of all, each pair only retails for $35, making these glasses easy on the eyes as well as the wallet. In an old-school twist, Alter in Brooklyn is taking phone orders for these shades.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Roark | Fall 2010

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