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Man Fashion: 2010 Mens Color Trends

As we are catching up with trendy fashion, color become an important ingredients in mens fashion designs.

So let look what are the top 8 men fashion colors trends in Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

I always like Black, which is no issue to match with other colors. Black also used by many mens fashion designers in their 2010 collections, being it total black, or combination of black and other lighter tones.

Greens, made popularized by Lavin in his 2010 collection. A calming and refreshing color as well as easy on the eye! That's the color we all miss during summer with it’s greenery and warmth.

My another favorite combination so far, Grey and metallic. More and more mens fashion designers adopt these colors and put aside traditional colors that we used to.

Blue always relate to guys like pink relates to ladies. So there is no accident that Blue is one of the top pick by mens fashion designers this year.

Brown is the second neutral color and it is as popular as black. Brown looks chic and sexy and this makes it so popular in 2010.

My favorite White looks good and noble but I think this color will do better in spring and summer rather than in winter season.

Red is the most popular color and it just couldn’t stay away from men fashion in day one.

By JW from A-Men-Fashion

Summer is coming!

Vans Era “Checker” Flauge Limited

Matt W. Moore x Ray-Ban “Rare Prints” Wayfarer Collection

Oakley Fire/Flora Fade Frogskins

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Exclusively in Passion 4 Fashion - I Ragazzi del Rosso Brand New Collection

The climate is changing. And you must blame the Ragazzi del Rosso’s 2010 spring / summer collection. A brand that has young presence in the fashion market, consolidated by the sales success ever since the brand’s birth, two years ago. The Ragazzi del Rosso are a group of researchers, designers and stylists who invest their energy in creativity and imagination, that give shape and life to the infinite nuances of fashion style. Budding artists are always ready to seek and develop new ideas, focusing on enterprise policy in which creative dimension acts as a main priority focus. 
Daniela Gallo and Raffaele Marone (aka "Raffo Sperzo) are the ones that characterize the creations and represent the collection and the leitmotif of the historic mark, Made in Italy. 

  Daniela Gallo’s clothes are made for make believe naivete with meters fitted chiffon ruffles and flounces to-shoulder dresses, accompanied by malicious chokers that recall the romance, with a streak of perversity. Lycra was brought back as innovative material: sheath dresses with big bows wrap the women in irony and into the evening. Glamour is the watchword for spring / summer 2010 collection. Daniela Gallo spotted the emblem of the '50s, multiplied herself in white, black and gray skirts and minidresses; bows and hearts represent the motif that decorates t-shirts, shorts and mini-dresses. The classicism of black and white never leaves the scene, but get mixed with the bright colors and the soft shapes of the volumes, between ribs and drapes, the roundness of the balloons and ruffles. High waist only. 
Raffo Sperzo signed twenty-seven new whimsical t-shirt illustrations for the "Ragazzi del Rosso”’ collection. Graphic inspiration based on the coming back to the French pop art that portrayed the show-girl Eva Mendes mentioned as "my ex-girlfriend," the new ironic representations of living legends of the fashion, music and movie stars industry. 
From giant storks which adorned the images of young lovers in the old collection, with shoeprints, accessories and various representations of objects with an ironic play of colors that enhance the vitality of the long cut and simple shirts. For this season, Raffo Sperzo worked with creativity, humor and irreverence, conceiving products of an unmistakable style. Even the knitwear collection of "Ragazzi del Rosso”’s fabrics and workmanship are characterized by the production 100% Made in Italy. 
Saturday, March 20th IRR brand, already available in shops in Naples, "Angels of Love," "Barbarian" and "Megamagic stores, has inaugurated a new exhibition corner in Via ... Minimal chic, but revolutionary as always, the Ragazzi del Rosso product angle instantly capture the eye of those crossing the threshold of the shop. On young artists who work to maintain the originality and quality of their creations, like the spring / summer 2010 collection, already on display and for sale from Monday, March 22nd. 

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Comme des Garçons Fall/ Winter 2010

Paul Smith Fall/ Winter 2010

Rick Owens Fall/ Winter 2010

Alexander McQueen - Fall Winter 2010/2011

Ninja Style

Remember - Miharayasuhiro Men's Autumn(Fall)/Winter - 2009/2010

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