Monday, April 12, 2010

Exclusive - Defyance by Asaf Ganot New FW 2010 Collection

Defyanceʼs color changing fabric was developed to provide the consumer with a
garment that was aesthetically pleasing but that also stayed true to the brands
desire to create technically innovative clothing. The fabric itself is also extremely
versatile, as it is able to be tailored as a stand alone piece or coupled with a
heavier material- a high quality fleece, for example- through a technical bonding

Two colors are used when creating the fabric, with the top color being slightly
darker than the bottom color. This means that a navy blue piece will, when
stretched, produce a hint of light blue. Dark brown turns to coffee brown; dark
grey to light grey and so on. As the consumer wears the piece over time, it will
develop unique markings that create a unique story and add a touch of
individuality to it.

Defyance strives to move away from convention and while many different
consumers may own the same color changing piece, the more that each of them
wears it, the more it becomes an extension of the person, with each mark
bringing with it a different story.

Check the new Collection in Defyance Online Store
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