Friday, September 17, 2010

triMirror - Shop Snap Share

A few time ago, I ran into an awesome site, and I feel compel to share it with u.

About Trimirror

It started with a curiosity to make use of the iPhone or other camera smartphones when shopping for clothes, accessories, and other fun stuff.
What if I found something awesome in a store, but I'm not sure whether it suits me? Do these shoes go with that purse, or this necktie with that shirt?...Or, that store has some phenomenal things for great price and this blouse/shirt/jacket is really cool! And I wish I could share my excitement about it with others!
And so on... Don't we find ourselves in situations like these all the time? When we need advice or want to share something right away, on the run? Those of us with iPhones or Google/Droid phones with a camera and mobile internet can do just that.

triMirror is the place where you can use your smartphones to share pictures and fashion ideas, get fitting advice and styling tips, and help others with their fashion faux pas. You can get advice from the entire community, or customize your audience with similar tastes and blunt opinions. All the feedback in real time!

And if you don't have a smartphone yet – don't worry, you can still be a valuable member of triMirror's community and share your ideas and photos and help others, using your PC or Mac.
So, anything you find interesting in stores while shopping – post it and get replies in real time on your phone or computer browser, make friends with like-minded people, have fun, get some shopping tips, and give some feedback.

Shop Snap Share!

What can you do when joining triMirror?

Share pictures and fashion ideas
Get fitting advice and styling tips
Clue in to the hottest deals that you can't miss
Help others with their fashion faux pas
Shopping community on the run
Got an iPhone or Google/Droid phone? Post messages and get the feedback in real time!
Don't have a smartphone yet? Share your ideas and photos and help others using your PC or Mac.
Love shopping for clothes? Can give great advice?
Share your excitement about rare finds
Have an enormous impact on how hottest trends are shaped
Take the credit for all those guys and girls that will dress to kill at the party, win the job interview, or mezmerize the date.
Unsure about your fashion judgement?
Get help with your styling questions
Get inspired by others' styles and fitting tips
Feel confident and get compliments at the parties, the interviews, and the dates

Shop Snap Share!
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