Friday, December 20, 2013

Must Have - Vespa 946

Everybody that knows me, knows that I ride a scooter, it's my only way of transportation, and my favorite one. It saves you from traffic, the dreadfulness of never finding a parking space, and escape the awful network of public transportation. But one thing is to ride a scooter, another is to ride the new Vespa 946. I'm in love! Check it out!!! 

The 2013 Vespa 946 scooter (no it’s not powered by a 946 cc engine) takes its design inspirations from the original World War II era MP6 prototype with modern-day technology. The Vespa 946’s monocoque is made out of steel but makes use of aluminum on the fenders, side plates, seat unit, and handlebars to reduce weight and achieve a better ride and fuel economy. The 946 is equipped with LED headlight and taillight.

The Vespa 946 scooter is powered by an air-cooled 1-cylinder 125cc four-stroke engine that produces 11.4 horsepower (bhp) and 7.9 pound-feet of torque; these are small numbers but the Vespa 946 is about fuel economy and ease of riding. The new Vespa gets 129 miles per gallon and produces 30% less emissions than the model it replaces.

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