Friday, May 28, 2010

Sarah Burton Named Successor For Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton, a long time colleague of the late designer Alexander McQueen has been named as the creative director of the brand.

In a statement released from London on Thursday Burton said that she intends "to stay true to his legacy" of turning out "modern beautifully crafted clothes."

A series of changes were announced on Thursday. Womenswear director Jean Paul Gaultier is being replaced by Chirstophe Lemaire at luxury label Hermes. Similarly Olivier Theyskens will design a capsule collection for next year.

Burton had joined McQueen’s company in 1996 and recently served as head of design for womenswear.

Parent company Gucci Group said that Burton worked very closely with McQueen and hence was best fitted to take the brand forward.

"As a business we remain absolutely committed to the Alexander McQueen company which has proved to have a strong customer loyalty and has shown to be a resilient brand in the aftermath of the tragic loss of its founder," said Gucci Group GEO Robert Polet.

"It seems like a smart move to appoint someone who worked so closely with him," said Susan Cemek, senior online fashion and beauty editor said. "Someone from the outside might be in an uncomfortable position to try to channel someone who is so revered so soon after he passed away. ... Seemingly the vision that Sarah will bring will be really closely aligned, not his, but closely aligned."

She adds: "It's hard to reinterpret the legacy of a house when it's not your name and you don't have the padding of time."

Article by Times Newsline
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